• Jack: Don't tell me how I'm feeling. I'm his son too.
  • Shawn: Are you? When you were a little kid, did you sit next to him while he watched TV all night long hoping that he'd say something to you? Did you ever once clean up after him when he came home drunk? And when he didn't come home at all did you lay in bed thinking it was something you did that drove him away? And when he was gone did you walk around making believe everything was okay when inside it was tearing you apart? Did you?
  • Jack: No . . . no. I didn't get to do any of those things. See, I knew I had a father and he was gone from me my whole life.
  • Shawn: But you turned out okay, Jack. Look at you, you deal with things. Me, I'm just another version of him.
  • Chet: Shawn?
  • Shawn: Oh, god, Dad - you're up.
  • Chet: I'm sorry I didn't do right by you, son. I'm a lousy father.
  • Shawn: . . . you heard what I said?
  • Chet: Yeah. You've been saying it your whole life. I just never listened. I'm listening now.
  • Shawn: . . . I'm really screwed up, dad. It's like I'm watching myself do these things that I hate and I can't stop them. Why couldn't you have just stick around? Wasn't I good enough for you?
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